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 Gunz list Of ideas.

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Gunz list Of ideas. Empty
PostSubject: Gunz list Of ideas.   Gunz list Of ideas. EmptyWed Aug 05, 2009 5:52 pm

Ok. Here is a list of ideas: admins name color should be green, makes it look offical!! If not have gm clothes for gm events then might wanna get them. U guys should least have some songs like the new ones like Linken Park, Newdivide, Disturbed, Stricken, and one or two from System of A Down. Map, u should make a map thats called Hells Line. The line will be with fire arrcross the map and if u pass it u see like a devil but in gunz char. and the map should look like and open dark well not dark like little dark like in skill map and red flames flashing. i dont know i hope u like it and maybe do it for an update. If u dont like please just say i dont like but u have good ideas. ~othin
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Gunz list Of ideas.
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